Potassium Hydroxide Reclaim System


The Potassium Hydroxide Reclaim System provides an environmentally friendly solution for efficiently reclaiming and purifying used KOH. This process minimises waste production and conserves valuable resources.

The system is designed based on the principles of chemical separation and purification. It involves treating spent KOH solutions to recover and regenerate high-quality KOH for reuse in various applications. The system consists of three main components: filtration, ion exchange, and evaporation.

The process starts with filtration, which removes solid impurities and particulate matter from the spent KOH solution. This step eliminates contaminants that could affect subsequent purification processes. Following filtration, the solution undergoes ion exchange, where ion exchange resins selectively remove unwanted ions and impurities from the KOH solution. This step improves the purity of the reclaimed KOH, enhancing its performance in future applications.

The final step in the Potassium Hydroxide Reclaim System is evaporation. The treated KOH solution is heated under controlled conditions, causing water to evaporate and the KOH to concentrate. The evaporated water is condensed and can be reused or further treated, while the concentrated KOH solution is processed to obtain purified solid KOH or liquid KOH solutions of the desired strength.

Through chemical separation and purification principles, the system enables industries to minimise waste generation, reduce costs, and enhance environmental sustainability.