About Us

BW Water is a leading global provider of full-service water and wastewater solutions for industrial and municipal needs. Backed by a proven track record, BW Water provides comprehensive solutions for newbuild construction to turnkey system upgrades, operations, and maintenance.

Since its inception in 2019, BW Water has grown from a start-up with two employees to over 300 employees globally with an order book of over US$250 million to date. Springboarding from its regional presence in Southeast Asia, the company made two major acquisitions in the US and Europe in 2023, strengthening its competencies with large-scale desalination for potable water production and cutting-edge fabrication and production facilities. In addition to EPC services, BW Water's proprietary water technologies, Hydro-PAQTM and Hydro-FILTM, offer energy-efficient large-volume treatment solutions.

Headquartered in Singapore, BW Water is part of BW Group, a global renewable energy and maritime group, including seven listed companies with a combined market cap of around US$11 billion