The Hydro-PAQ™ is a compact integrated clarification system with built-in sludge recirculation that operates at a high rate and incorporates multiple processes, such as coagulation, flocculation, settling, and sludge recirculation.

Compared to other conventional clarification systems, the Hydro-PAQ™ solution offers a lower overall cost due to its reduced space, high-performance operation and chemical dosing requirement. It is suitable for water and wastewater treatment applications in various temperatures and water source conditions.

Upon installation, the Hydro-PAQ™ provides benefits to treatment facilities over the equipment’s lifetime. Reduced energy consumption and ease of operation make it an asset whether considering capital or operational expenditure.


Guaranteed TSS levels below 10 ppm and an expected level below 5 ppm.

An estimated 15% reduction in chemical and power consumption compared to conventional methods.

Significantly reduces space requirements, with over 75% less space needed when compared to conventional clarifiers.

This technology is widely recognised and trusted worldwide, with successful installation and operation globally.

The system can be built on either steel or concrete, providing flexibility in design and materials.

High flux rate ranging from 19 to 22 m3/m2/h.