Diluted Palladium Waste Recovery System


Palladium, a scarce and valuable metal that finds wide usage in various industries such as semiconductors and chemicals, poses a challenge when recovering it from industrial waste. The Diluted Palladium Waste Recovery System has been developed to tackle this issue. This system aims to efficiently capture and recycle small amounts of palladium in waste solutions.

The Diluted Palladium Waste Recovery System combines chemical and physical processes to extract palladium from diluted waste solutions. By adjusting the pH, the system optimises the efficiency of palladium recovery. The addition of a suitable precipitating agent triggers the formation of insoluble palladium compounds. Commonly used precipitants include sodium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide. These formed precipitates can be easily separated from the solution.

The precipitates are filtered to separate them from the liquid phase. The filtered solids are then washed to eliminate impurities and residual contaminants.