Cyclic Sequencing Activated Sludge (CSAS)


Cyclic Sequencing Activated Sludge (CSAS) is designed to operate the aeration, sedimentation, and effluent draw sequence cyclically. Each CSAS tank serves the dual functions of aeration and sedimentation, eliminating the need for an external secondary clarifier or sedimentation tank. The aeration, sedimentation, and effluent draw processes are all controlled automatically by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).


Continuous influent flow 24/7 while discharging effluent in batches.

Highly efficient diffuser system and proven efficient blowers.

Well-designed instrumentation for effective process control, resulting in efficient energy usage.

Effectively and consistently removes BOD with a high level of reliability. Over 100 referenced projects successfully installed this system. Each CSAS system is tailored to suit the specific influent characteristics, flow rate, and desired outcomes.

Eliminates the requirement for a separate settling tank or clarifier. Significant savings in space utilisation and energy consumption.

Accommodate a wide range of flow requirements, ranging from 20m3/d to 50,000m3/d.