Aurum Waste Recovery System


The Aurum Waste Recovery System offers an innovative solution for effectively recovering and recycling valuable materials from waste generated in the solar and semiconductor industries.

Within the solar industry, the Aurum Waste Recovery System plays a crucial role in reclaiming precious metals like silver and tellurium. The semiconductor industry is utilised to recover valuable metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

The Aurum Waste Recovery System incorporates several key principles, including hydrometallurgical processing. This involves treating the waste materials with appropriate solvents or acids to dissolve the desired metals and separate them from the remaining waste stream. Subsequent purification and separation steps are then used to obtain high-purity metals.

Another principle used by the Aurum Waste Recovery System is solvent extraction. This technique utilises organic solvents to extract specific metals from the leachate selectively. By exploiting the varying solubilities of different metals, the system effectively separates and concentrates valuable metals, thereby enhancing overall recovery efficiency.