Condensate Polishing System


The steam cycle drives energy production in coal-fired and natural gas cogeneration plants by passing through a series of turbines. However, recycled process water accumulates soluble minerals and impurities that damage power plant infrastructure and equipment. Energy producers rely on Condensate Polishing systems to maintain their steam systems.

The Condensate Polishing system is a unique ion exchange (IX) resin application that removes soluble contaminants to protect high-pressure boilers. The resins require periodic regeneration during operation, performed internally or externally. The internal regeneration method takes place within the polishing system. The more cumbersome external regeneration method transports IX resins between the polishing system and the regeneration process.

BW Water’s team has strong knowledge in both internal and external regeneration methods for polishing system, not limited to designing, constructing and commissioning a Condensate Polishing Plant.